We offer a full range of poptops,
catering to a variety of models

WMpoptops are proud to launch our new redesigned canvases

Elevating Craftsmanship and Adventure

WM Poptops combines decades of engineering excellence with a passion for adventure, crafting the finest elevating roofs in the UK.

Bespoke Poptop Solutions for Every Van

We offer a diverse range of customisable poptops, tailored to fit a variety of models, ensuring your campervan is as unique as your journey.

Why WM Poptop: Innovation & Quality

Unparalleled innovation in design, uncompromising quality in manufacturing, and rapid turnaround times to get you back on the road faster



WM Poptops - Elevating Your Campervan Experience

At WM Poptops, we're not just manufacturers; we're innovators and enthusiasts dedicated to elevating your campervan adventures. Based in the heart of Staffordshire, UK, our team combines over a decade of camper van conversion experience with 25 years of expertise in fibre glass composite engineering.

  • 25Yrs Experience
  • High Quality
  • Full range
  • UK Manufacturer

WM Poptops

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Exceptional Service

Our efficient, customer-focused approach, combined with excellent after-sales service, guarantees a seamless experience that matches the joy of your road adventures

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Local Excellence
Global Standards

WM Poptops, Founded by Steve and Wayne are proud to be a UK-based manufacturer, combining local craftsmanship with global standards. Our Staffordshire facility is the heart of our operations, where we use cutting-edge marine-grade technology and expert fibreglass composite engineering to create roofs that are not just durable, but also a symbol of British manufacturing excellence

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Full Product

Covering models from the classic VW T4, T5, T6 series to Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Traffic, and Ford Transit Custom, ensures a perfect fit for every campervan owner. Our poptops, suitable for both SWB and LWB vehicles

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